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Metal Dog Cage (with trolley & plastic tray)


Indoor Metal cage with plastic tray suitable for dogs and other animals. Provides indoor convenience for your pet cutting housebreaking time.

Bully Max Body Builder Tablets


The #1 Rated Muscle Builder for dogs worldwide

  • Contains 19 powerful muscle building ingredients
  • For all breeds age 7 weeks and older
  • 100% Safe: no side effects, no mood changes
  • No exercise is required

Royal Canin Mini Indoor Junior 4kg


  • Formulated for stool and odour reduction
  • Boasts high digestibility
  • Satisfies fussy eaters
  • Boosts natural defenses
  • For small dogs puppies (adult weight from 1 to 10 kg) living mainly indoors  up to 10 months old.

Josera High Energy


JOSERA High Energy was developed specifically for adult sporting, breeding and working dogs. The high energy formula and the special nutrients it contains provide optimal support for an active metabolism during training, competitions and reproduction. Energy and protein rich formula for maximum performance and endurance Also recommended for nursing dogs and during the last trimester of pregnancy L-carnitine and taurine support cardiac function Valuable anti-oxidants support active metabolic tissue during high performance phases With tasty salmon, also suitable for finicky or undernourished dogs