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Sales of Pet Accessories

Dog Supplies, Dog Accessories and Dog Products for a Healthy and Happy Dog!

Dogs are important members of the family. And as such, they should have everything the need to live out happy and healthy lives. We carry Back Packs, Doggles, Sunglasses, Hats, Dog Id Tags, Life Jackets, Collars, Hair Bows/Barrettes, and Bandannas & Scarves are among the few.  These accessories will beautify your dog and have them looking like the prince or princess they are. Buyadog likes to keep your dog looking fashionable in the latest fashions. You’ll find everything from dog beds to chicken coops to tasty treats for critters of all species right here on Buyadog. From dog supplies like leashes to blankets.

If what you need isn’t on our site, we can make custom orders for exclusive collection of designer dog clothing, collars, costumes and accessories. We offer a huge selection of the newest dog clothes and accessories by all your favourite dog designers. For the dog who wants it all and where the distinguished doggies shop!

Every proud pet parent remembers the joy and excitement of first welcoming their dog to their family and home. In addition to the time and affection you give your precious new pup, be sure to provide him with dog supplies that promote adequate growth and development, as well as dog products that are vital to keeping his teeth, coat, ears and paws clean. Along with these items, are the countless dog accessories that you can use to keep him engaged and his tail wagging. When shopping for dog supplies, be sure to pick up the essentials, such as flea & tick control, collars and leashes, food and water bowls, as well as a healthy and well-balanced dog food. If your dog is teething, surround him with chew toys and irresistible dog accessories to keep him focused on things other than your furniture. Also, be sure to ask your veterinarian about dietary supplements, medication and other types of dog products, especially if your dog has a special condition.

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