Aspen Pet Walkabout Large 1/2 inch Wide Webbed Retractable 16 ft Leash

Designed for one hand operation. Comfortable handle for confident grip. Strong webbing retracts completely. Features an extra strong Kern Leibers German spring mechanism. Assorted colors black, blue, green and red. Small for dogs and cats up to 18 pounds, medium for dogs up to 50 pounds, large for dogs up to 100 pounds, and extra large for the largest of dogs.

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Easy to Operate – Attach/Detach: To attach or detach leash, make sure the cord (D) is fully retracted and the brake (C) is locked.

Restrain: Pull brake trigger (B) and hold to restrict lengthening, release to allow cord to move in and out freely. To bring dog closer: extend arm toward dog, pull the brake trigger (B), lower arm to side, release brake trigger and repeat until dog is at desired distance.

Lock/Restrain: Pull brake trigger (B) and move the brake lever (C) backward to lock or forward to release. Security Belt: In addition to your dog’s collar (F), always use the enclosed security belt (G) when operating your Walkabout retractable leash. Wrap the security belt around your dog’s neck as shown. Attach the clip (E) of the Walkabout through the ring on your dog’s collar (F) and both rings of the security belt (G). Should the ring on your dog’s collar (F) break, the security belt (G) will inhibit the cord/belt (D) from retracting quickly and the clip (E) from potentially hitting you in the face or protective eyewear.


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