Four Paws Magic Coat Mat Breaker

The Magic Coat® Mat Breaker with Adjustable Blade works best on stubborn mats and tangles. Mats can hurt your dog if not managed. Reversible blades allow for multiple directional use while grooming your dog. Additionally, it can be used for right or left-handers with the push of a button.

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  • Long stainless steel blades work through the toughest of mats while maintaining the coat’s length
  • Rids your dog of tough tangles
  • Blades are reversible for easy multi direction use
  • Right & left handers rejoice
  • Pair it with Four Paws Magic Coat Tangles & Mats Shampoo for best results

How to Use
Isolate the mat and slide one blade through the bottom of the mat and cut upward in a vertical motion (not horizontal to the skin). Then brush out the remainder of the mat. Removing a mat from a dog’s skin is an uncomfortable experience for him even in the best of circumstances. Speak gently to him and offer him treat rewards for remaining calm. If your dog’s hair has matted right down to the skin, you may have to see a professional groomer to have the coat shaved. Because a dog’s skin is thin and tears easily, this is not something most people should attempt on their own.


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