Get Off Outdoor Wash Off Cleaner Neutraliser – 500ml

Wash Off Outdoor Cleaner Neutraliser is an effective treatment for outdoor use, that removes the traces of cat and dog fouling, thereby discouraging further fouling in the treated areas.

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Wash Off Outdoor Cleaner Neutraliser is ideal for use outdoor use on driveways, paths, patios, dustbins, fence posts etc – anywhere that fouling or territorial marking by pets causes a nuisance.

Directions for use: Remove any solid excreta left by cats and dogs, test Wash Off Outdoor Cleaner Neutraliser on a small hidden area of the surface to be treated to test for adverse effects such as discolouration. Shake bottle before use, then apply Wash Off Outdoor Cleaner Neutraliser onto soiled areas. Scrub the affected area with a household brush or floor cloth using small circle movements to ensure total soiled area is covered. No rinsing required. A single application of Wash Off Outdoor Cleaner Neutraliser will clean the soiled area and will usually discourage cats and dogs from further fouling. If soiling persists, repeat treatment every 12 hours.

Use sparingly and avoid over-application. Do not use where human or animal food or water could become contaminated. Wash hands after use.

Size: 500ml


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