Josera High Energy

JOSERA High Energy was developed specifically for adult sporting, breeding and working dogs. The high energy formula and the special nutrients it contains provide optimal support for an active metabolism during training, competitions and reproduction. Energy and protein rich formula for maximum performance and endurance Also recommended for nursing dogs and during the last trimester of pregnancy L-carnitine and taurine support cardiac function Valuable anti-oxidants support active metabolic tissue during high performance phases With tasty salmon, also suitable for finicky or undernourished dogs

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A high-performance food for our unstoppable high-fliers! This meaty recipe ensures the highest level of energy supply. It actively supports the metabolism – whether in training, in competitions or during work.

  • With delicious salmon
  • Specially tailored for fully-grown sporting, breeding and working dogs
  • Also suitable for nursing and pregnant bitches if larger kibbles are required
  • With L-carnitine and taurine to support cardiac function
  • Valuable anti-oxidants support active metabolic tissue

Complete feed for adult dogs.

Packaging size: 15 kg


Valuable antioxidants can help prevent the influence of
free radicals generated due to physical activity. L-carnitine
encourages the metabolism of fat, thus making energy more
easily accessible for the body.
Skeletal development
A well-balanced calcium Phosphorusus ratio, vitamin C, as
well as manganese and copper, which are easy to absorb,
support a strong bone structure and healthy joints.
A healthy heart
L-carnitine and taurine support cardiovascular functions.

Complete feed for adult dogs.
poultry meat meal; rice; whole grain corn; poultry fat; greaves; beet fibre; salmon (dried) 4.0 %; poultryprotein (hydrolised); minerals; chicory root (grinded, natural source of inulin); New Zealand greenlipped mussel meat (Perna canaliculus), dried.

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