Pratiko 3 Metal Range Portable Dog & Cat Carrier

Pratiko plastic pet carrier is made from strong, moulded plastic and is ideal for Puppies, Dogs, Cats, Kittens, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. IATA Certified Pet Carrier. Available in various sizes and colours.

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L60 X W40 X H39cm (IATA Certified pet aviation carrier)
Available in various sizes and colours.

The Pratiko plastic dog carrier with iron door has a welcoming interior with a rounded cut, without annoying corners or protrusions, equipped with a metal grille, to promote air circulation and offer safety during travel. 

Conveyor made with recyclable materials.


· High resistance and durable material.
· Strong, non-corrosive plastic locks.
· Metal door and side vents for proper air flow.
· Interior pit that allows the pet to be always dry.

· Comfortable means of containment for the pet.
· Safe and easy to transport the pet.
· Allows free airflow.
· Useful for transfers to the vet, for training and even to rest, since it can be used as a home.
· The pet will have its own private space, it will feel safe and protected.


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