Royal Canin Club Pro CC Adult – 20kg

Royal Canin Club Pro Adult 20 kg is a complete planned food for adult dog this will give your pet all essential vitamins and fibers The Omega 3 content of thee food makes the fur soft and shiny and helps maintain the health of the heart.

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All pets have different body structure so they have to stay fit and active whole day Royal Canin Special Club Performance Adult CC dog food is a balanced complete diet of coated, expanded kibble for the adult dog with no high performance demands. The carefully formulated recipe guarantees high acceptance and digestibility.

The ingredients provide nutritional balance and make sure your pet maintains good health. Check reviews, ratings, specifications this food helps in growth of bones and musculoskeletal and kibble treats will fill your pets needs ,it supports and maintains pet’s body requirements


  • Dry kibble treats
  • Good for adult dogs
  • Full of vitamins and fibers


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