Royal Canin Giant Starter Mother & Babydog – 4kg

Royal Canin Giant Starter for pregnant and lactating dogs & puppies in the weaning phase up to two months, with Start Complex to build up natural defences and support optimal digestion.

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During gestation and lactation, female dogs need a dog food that is adapted to their special requirements during this demanding time. In the final 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, weight and size of puppies increases drastically, meaning the mother requires 2-3 times more energy.

Royal Canin Giant Starter Mother & Babydog provides your dog with a high energy content to ensure she has enough energy for milk production as well as combatting unwanted weight loss. The special nutrient profile makes this dry food an ideal provider of protein and minerals, keeping the digestive system healthy and supporting overall wellbeing for both puppies and mother.

Royal Canin Giant Starter Mother & Babydog also contains a Start Complex, with exclusive ingredients that form part of the mother’s milk. This helps to support the early development of your puppies and ensure digestive and immune system health and strength.

The kibble has been adapted to ensure it is appetising and provides all the key nutrients needed, as well as facilitating the move from mother’s milk to solid foods.

Royal Canin Giant Starter Mother & Babydog at a glance:

  • Complete dry food for mothers and puppies of giant breeds over 45kg


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