Spot Push-N-Pop Treat Dispenser

A cross between a popcorn popper and a jack-in-the-box toy, the Push-N-Pop by Ethical Products encourages small to medium-size dogs to get pushy with their food. Let your dog nudge it with his nose or push it with his paws, and kibble or treats pop out the top with every push.

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  • STIMULATING : Hours of fun filled brain and physical exercise.
  • DURABLE : High Quality, hard plastic construction. Made to last.
  • EASY TO FILL & CLEAN : Fills easily and Disassembles quickly.
  • POWERED BY MOVEMENT : No Batteries Required.
  • SAFE : All Ethical Pets / Spot brand products are made pet safe.

Bonus: no batteries required! AWARDED : 2018 Fear Free Award for Pet Happiness and Education. Working with your dog’s natural hunting and foraging instinct, Push N’ Pop promotes active and healthy feeding, Ensuring your dog stays stimulated and fed.

Fill with your pet’s favorite dry food or treats and watch the fun! Push N’ Pop stimulates your pets mind, curtails boredom and destructive behavior, by encouraging exercise, healthy play and mental fitness. It’s strong construction ensures your pet countless hours of fun. The Push N Pop mimics foraging or hunting for food, something dogs would do if they were wild like their wolf ancestors.

Most experts agree that this type mental workout along with working for and winning their own food is great for a dog’s mental well being. Designed with a similar mechanism to the Corn Popper pull toy for human kids. Every time the wheels spin around the popping mechanism is activated shooting morsels of goodness through the hole in the top of the dome. The clear dome lets the food be seen, but they have to figure out how to get it out.

Not recommended for use on grass or thick shag carpeting.


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